Yoga to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

Feeling overwhelmed, worried, or restless as your menopause symptoms are taking over?

You’re not alone. Countless women are overcome by anxiety and stress during the transition through menopause. Your wildly fluctuating hormones can cause your heart to race, your concentration to fade, and generate feelings of exhaustion, fatigue, and irritability.

But many women turn to yoga as a natural way to restore balance and harmony.


How Can Yoga Help?
New studies are showing that yoga can effectively ease menopause anxiety and stress.  On a clinical level, yoga seems to activate your nervous system, regulate your mood swings, and balance your changing hormones. Over time, yoga relaxation techniques can lighten your mood, ease insomnia, and recharge your battery. Even after one session, though, you’ll feel calmer and much more relaxed.

Try the Standing Forward Bend
The Standing Forward Bend is one of the core yoga poses and stretches your back, leg, and calf muscles. As it increases the flow of blood to your brain, you’ll enjoy the calming effect and feel your anxiety and stress melt away.

You can do the Standing Forward Bend just about anywhere, but consider using the right props to maximize the impact.

Suggested Props and Equipment
Block. Blocks can be used in a number of yoga positions and are particularly helpful in standing poses. They provide support, stability, and comfort. Blocks are available in a number of sizes and are often made of cork, bamboo, or foam.

Yoga Strap. Straps can be leveraged in a number of creative ways. A quality yoga strap will increase your flexibility and, in many poses, act as an extension of your arms and legs. Sizes range from six to ten feet, though an eight foot strap is probably the most common.

Socks. Yoga socks can provide a superior grip on any surface for maximum control and balance, especially in standing poses. Most are designed with non-slip soles and made of breathable fabrics to absorb excess moisture.