Yoga for Headaches & Migraines

Migraines and headaches are probably the most disruptive of all menopause symptoms. You know the feeling. You’ve got to take care of the family, go to work, or scratch ten things off of your “to-do” list.

But the pain is unbearable.

Menopause migraines are all too common as the hormonal changes take over. What triggers your headaches? Maybe stress, anxiety, certain foods, or lack of sleep? There are a variety of products and treatments to help ease the pain, but yoga can be the right natural solution for you.

How Can Yoga Help?
Headaches during menopause can often result from tight and contracted muscles in your head, neck, and back. Or from high levels of stress. There are numerous health benefits of yoga, as a simple yoga routine can produce a calming effect on the nervous system and reduce stress.

Yoga can provide relief from sensory overload. Relax your mind so that your body can effectively combat the pain of menopause migraines and headaches.

Try the Child's Pose
The Child’s Pose is ideal to calm your emotions and nerves. Blood gently flows to your head and helps relieve the tension that can cause menopause headaches and migraines. Supported with a good bolster or blankets, the Child’s Pose is a basic yoga position and provides an escape from your everyday demands.

Suggested Props and Equipment
Yoga Mat. Invest in a good quality sticky mat to provide a non-slippery surface for a variety of different yoga routines. Mats come in a handful of shapes, sizes, and colors. A 68” mat is standard and should be fine for nearly all of your yoga needs. Select a thickness---typically either 1/8” or 1/4”--- based on your individual level of comfort.

Bolster. There many different types and shapes of yoga bolsters, but all are designed to provide support and comfort in restorative yoga poses. When placed in line with your spine, a good bolster will help your chest expand and make breathing easier. Choose from among round, standard, or junior bolsters for maximum comfort.

Blankets. Your blanket can be an extremely versatile prop in many yoga poses. Stack two or more for a stable surface in shoulderstands or drape a blanket over your body during final relaxation. And if you’re allergic to wool, try a recycled fiber yoga blanket